Tuesday, December 30, 2008

All About Real Life Superheroes

I was surfing through Yahoo! news today and found this article from Rolling Stone about Real Life Superheroes. I thought "That's crazy...it's like Watchmen!" Basically, they are people who dress in a costume for a fad, right? They are just folks who want to reenact fantasies of being a costumed vigilante, pounding down on muggers and drug lords.

Believe it or not, Real Life Superheroes do exist. They cannot shoot claws from their wrists, fling webs, stop locomotives or have a tricked out bat cave and billions of dollars in reserve. These superheroes not only fight crime but help out in community service and fundraising services! Of course, few of these figures have families, let alone jobs. They sometimes conflict with the law and deal with the heavy expenses of their own costumes.

Still, it was cool reading about them!

- Kristopher

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